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Leader and manager, who is more important?


In our life, all people are divided into four categories: leaders, followers, managers and "swamp". The synonym of the first three categories is movement. The synonym of the latter is stagnation, so we will not consider it. What is the difference between a leader and everyone else? You can consider on an extraordinary situation, when you need to choose hotels on the street Suschevsky Val. How does the hotel choose the leader for their accommodation? You can say for sure that no one. He intuitively knows where to stop, so that he can not care about personal comfort, the hotel staff will take care of this. He does not care about the question of a delicious dinner, he is already implied. The main thing for him is the choice of such a hotel room, where he can completely relax alone, and most leaders are simply lonely, concentrate and bring their thoughts in order.

"Followers" are more like disciples. They receive from the leader some directions and a demonstration, as well as what needs to be done. When choosing a hotel, they most likely prefer the same, but do not settle in single rooms, but for two to five people. Since it is important for the followers to communicate with each other to discuss, for example, the course of events, the latest trends and much more. In the choice of the menu, they show extreme pretentiousness, as they strive to be like a leader, try to imitate him, and naturally overdo this effort.

"Managers" is a special category of people who choose hotels in Antonov-Ovseyenko Street according to their scheme. They do not allow their choice to be better than that of the "leader", but still prefer comfortable rooms. Like the "leader", they stop in rooms designed for one. They also sometimes need loneliness, but they almost never relax, even when all others allow it. On their shoulders is the responsibility for the fact that the leader has existed longer, and that he has followers. He is the only person who really understands where he is going, attracts the masses, leads explanatory work. The leader will never be able to explain why this is so, and not otherwise, because he often does not understand it himself, he simply knows what is right and what is not. Various explanations and explanations lie on the shoulders of the manager. Therefore, it is not surprising that many leaders who do not have a worthy "manager" have a shortcut. Independently they can not attract the masses for themselves, since they do not have the energy potential for this, and if it is, it quickly ends. But the "manager" himself, without a leader, can not exist. For this, there is no incentive.

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