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Туры в Герцлию, Израиль


In recent years, the popularity of recreation on the sea coast has been increasing. At the same time, our compatriots, as a rule, travel not only in summer but also in winter, good, the weather in many countries allows you to relax comfortably even when a snowstorm blows in our country and snowdrifts lie. One of these places is Israel, the state in the Middle East, with its amazing history, traditions and characteristics. To spend your best holiday in Israel you can, in advance ordering a ticket from a direct tour operator. At the same time you can not only save a lot, but also choose the best hotel and interesting excursions.

Among the resorts of this country, special attention is deserved by Herzliya, located on the Mediterranean coast halfway between the cities of Netanya and Tel Aviv. Initially, the city received its name in honor of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement. The predecessor of Herzliya already existed on these lands around the I-XIII centuries AD. e. - this was the developed port of Apollonia, which belonged to Greece. The modern city was created by American Jews with the help of the Jewish Agency. In 1924, 7 people settled in an abandoned place, began to develop agriculture. Over time, thanks to the especially favorable climate of the Sharon Valley, every year brought a rich harvest, the city developed and rich. Only in 1930 the first school was opened here, and after 30 years Herzliya acquires the status of a city.

Once a very small village in less than a hundred years has turned into a major center of tourism, having united several neighboring villages into a single center. Directly develop the tourism industry here began in 1949, in connection with the formation of the State of Israel. Today, in addition to tourism, Herzliya is the second largest financial center of the country - here there are many companies whose sphere of activity is the development of high technologies. There is also in the city and its airport, however, it does not accept international flights, it can only be accessed from Israeli settlements.

From the sights of Herzliya you will probably be interested to visit the Museum of Modern Art, founded in 1965. Here exhibits are exhibited not only by artists of Israel, but all over the world. By the way, it is especially noteworthy that every year the museum exposition changes 4 times. Pay attention to the Museum of Founders, his collection will tell a lot about the past of the settlement, about the life of the first inhabitants of the city. But in addition, there are exhibited antique statues of the inhabitants of Apollonia - the predecessor city of Herzliya and other archaeological finds.

The oldest mosaic floor of the church, presumably built in the 6th century, has survived to this day. In the north of Herzliya are the ruins of the port and the city of the Crusaders Arsura, created on the site of Apollonia. Not far from the beach, in its northern part, pay attention to the Sidna-Ali mosque. And besides, in the vicinity you can see the ruins of Makhmish, a small settlement, where the life "boiled" from the Canaanite to the Hellenistic period.

But this is not a complete list of opportunities for recreation in Herzliya. Often, tourists come here who want to improve their health, get rid of diseases and ailments. Thus, the Herzliya Medical Center, located on the waterfront next to most hotels, has an excellent reputation far beyond Israel. The profile of the clinic is treatment of diseases of the spine, cardiovascular system, skin, musculoskeletal system, etc.

In short, Herzliya combines a variety of opportunities for recreation, here every vacationer will find what he needs. Of course, lovers of sightseeing rest will want to make more tours to Tel Aviv, the prices for which, however, as well as for trips to other parts of Israel, do not have a high cost. In any case, Israel - a small state, and for one visit here you can explore several cities in this magnificent country.

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