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Tours in Sousse, Tunisia


After all, even middle-income travelers can afford a burning holiday in Tunisia in October, the month when the rush demand for this direction falls. BC. e. One of the silent witnesses of the events of the past years is the one built in 787-821. The monastery-fortress with very thick walls and a 30-meter watch tower effectively performed defensive function. Symbol of Sousse is often referred to as the Great Mosque, erected by the Aglabid dynasty in the year 850. Although the prayer halls have the right to visit only Muslims, tourists can view the exposition of the museum located inside the sanctuary.

For the glass partitions in the niches, curious travelers will see the burial places of adherents of the Christian faith. Do not be disappointed holidaymakers who visited the Museum of Gift Essid, located in a beautiful private house, built in 928. Among the most valuable exhibits is the marriage contract, composed more than 700 years ago, woven about 300 years ago, the urinal of the Romanesque period. Guests Sousse not only examine the monuments of the past, but also a great time in the coastal area of ​​Port El Kantaoui, famous for excellent entertainment. In the port you can rent a catamaran, dive in a bathyscaphe, or take a boat trip on a pirate brig.

Guests of Sousse will be able to enjoy several types of massages, seaweed wraps, a Turkish bath and a fitness room. It's nice to plunge into the atmosphere of Arabian fairy tales, to spend a vacation in an exotic city, without seriously damaging the budget. Local resorts beckon vacationers with picturesque and cozy bays, beaches with golden sand, and also excellent ski centers.

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