Corporate law

Legal practice of our company covers a wide range of issues relating to the Ukrainian and international corporate law, starting from choosing the legal form of business and registration of legal entity, the development of the necessary documentation, contracts, and foreign economic contract.
Due to our rich experience in corporate law we can rationally represent your interests and effectively negotiate with insurance companies, investors, public authorities, etc.
Corporate Services include assistance in registration of legal entities, as well as registration of the necessary changes to the constituent documents, including legal advice on the establishment, reorganization, liquidation of the legal entity, advice on the choice of legal form of organization, development, legal examination of the full package of documents for registration, legal support of reorganization, filing and receiving documents in registering body.

In addition, our organization provides services for the development and legal examination of internal documents of the organization.

The main activity of the legal service in the field of corporate law is a complete subscriber's legal support of activity of the organization, which is essentially is a complex legal support of business (the enterprise) on all legal issues arising in the course of doing business, which allows to avoid making rash decisions, reduce financial and commercial risks and resolve existing problems.

Subscription service, which has a number of important advantages:
1. Our lawyers performing permanent legal support of your organization, are more familiar with the legal characteristics of your company, than lawyers, which, turning from time to time with any particular problem.
2. When will need legal advice, you do not need to spend time searching for a lawyer.
3. You can get legal advice in advance and find out all the possible legal consequences and the prospects for their alleged actions.
4. Constant legal support business can be not only cheaper, but also more effective than the content of a lawyer, and perhaps the whole department in your company, or an appeal to the lawyers for each individual issue.
5. The range of legal issues that arise in the activities of your organization, perhaps greatly, and the staff lawyer can simply not cope with the number of tasks. Legal support of our lawyers always cover a wider range of issues.

Payment of this service implies the monthly fixed payments. The volume and cost of services are determined based on the specifics of each customer, as well as its immediate needs in continuing legal assistance. Our experts maintain complete confidentiality of all client information provided in the subscription service.