Building construction, real estate operations and investment

Operations and transactions with real estate in Kiev and Kiev region will help to make the company's lawyers "International Legal Center"

Our law firm provides full support and provides the following operations and real estate transactions:
- Due diligence of a set of documents required for state registration of real estate;
- Audit of the documents submitted and the elimination of the existing discrepancies, deficiencies, according to the requirements of the cadastral services and laws of Ukraine;
- Preparation of contracts of exchange, donation, sale, lease, in accordance with applicable law;
- Check transactions on the real estate encumbered by analyzing the existing entries in the Unified State Register of rights and cadastral duty;
- Making the necessary changes, and records in the Unified State Register (Unified State Register of Rights);
- Registration of the tenants in the building, non-residential buildings and other structures;
- Documentary support of the process of re-planning and registration of a converted room;
- General advice in matters of registration of rights to real estate transactions for the sale, exchange and rental;
- A complex of geodetic survey (registration of land, obtaining passports);
- Obtain the necessary documents in the BTI (passports for real estate, floor plans, explications, certificates, statements, etc.);
- Representing the interests of the right holder (registration and receipt of the necessary documents, settlement of disputes, and so on. D.);
- Intermediary services;
- and others.

We are ready to give recommendations, corresponding to the law, to make the analysis of documents provided by you, to provide legal consulting for real estate transactions, as well as to conduct its registration as soon as possible and in accordance with the law of Ukraine.