Settlement of disputes

Excellent reputation acquired by us in relationships with many Ukrainian and foreign partners is a guarantee of quality and success of our company.

Our experience and skills to resolve disputes at the pre-trial proceedings, legal process and in international arbitration are recognized by many customers. That is why appealing to our experts on property and other types of disputes the clients are guaranteed to receive the high quality legal services on all types of disputes.
We offer the following services on pre-trial settlement of the dispute:

- Study of the case and the circumstances of the dispute, the legal evaluation of his pre-trial and judicial perspective;
- Development and discussion of the strategy of pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
- Preparation motivated complaints, warnings and other documents;
- Preparation Review the claim of the counterparty;
- Negotiations and correspondence with the counterparty on behalf of the client.

Lawsuits divert funds and energy from the core of the organization, require considerable financial cost and the attention of managers and employees of companies. To avoid litigation, the company shall be established a system of performance contracts, not only from the point of view of economic efficiency, but also legal, based on the rule of law system for monitoring the timely preparation and notification of the counterparty of the performance of work, terms of delivery, the occurrence of force majeure situations. Proper maintenance of correspondence with the contractor, the accuracy of the language, the notification deadlines will help to avoid disputes, flows into the trial.