Land relations

The land market in Ukraine is actively growing. However, there are not a lot of companies who have a professional approach to operations with the land. Meanwhile, the land market is the area which is connected with the largest investment and commercial risks.
Our lawyers' professional legal approach to the real estate will provide you with the comprehensive solution of any question and give you an additional guarantee of the project.
Services in the sphere of land relations are as follows:
- Support of transactions with land and facilities located on them;
- The state registration of the transfer to one or several persons of the right of construction on this land.
- drafting the lease, purchase/sale contracts with the following state registration;
- Preparation and maintenance of land property allotment in the territory of Ukraine
- The change basic  special designation of  the land.
- Legal advice on problems of various degrees of complexity of land, economic and legal relations and their possible solutions.
The spectrum of services in the sphere of land relations:

1. Legal advice on all matters relating to land registration, transfer of ownership, the preparation of the necessary documentation to the representative bodies in the registration of property rights to real estate and transactions;
2. Drawing up of contracts and other related documents required for the sale of real estate, land, renting them, etc .;
3. Legal examination of all the customer documents related to a particular object property to meet all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and regulations;
4. Negotiations with third parties and represent the interests of the customer;
5. Advocacy legal persons in court or other government authorities;
6. Development of the documentation when you change the legal status for a specific property, land, etc ....

We are a company leader in providing professional legal assistance is in Kiev and Kiev region. Vast experience, knowledge of all the norms of existing laws, a quick search for ways out of the most serious legal problems - these are the qualities that enable us to provide assistance in the sphere of land relations of legal entities at the highest level.